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My name is Pete and by day I am a professional photographer. But as much as I love my job, I also enjoy getting out there with the camera on my days off too. I have always had a strong interest in documenting graffiti and street art, and I have been an active graffiti writer since 1984.

It was Henry Chalfant and Martha Cooper’s ‘Subway Art’ released in 1984, that sparked my interest in photography initially, and as a Graffiti artist myself I had to learn how to use a camera in order to document my own artwork. But aside from capturing street art and graffiti with my camera, I also found myself documenting life in the big city where I was born too.

On this site you will find some of my favourite personal images that I have made over the years, covering all my favourite genres. All of which are ‘Made In London’.

On occasion I will also be blogging some of my photography walks, thoughts and places I have visited, including London and beyond.

Many thanks for visiting Exit Thirteen, please get in touch if you have any questions.

Also if you’re curious to see what I do in my day job, follow the Pictures In Pixels link at the bottom of this page.




A selection of my favourite images from the streets of London. Street art, graffiti and all those unsuspecting humans!


Here you will find beautiful and not so beautiful architecture and spaces that I found on my travels...


A selection of images with a more abstract feel to them, some are architectural and others less obvious...

Pictures In Pixels

Here you will find my professional photography work, along with my pricing and my lifestyle photography blog...