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Abstract Aira

A very different style for me this time out, but a subject matter that has lived with me for many years, one that has now been revived. I’m talking about music and my love of creating it. Back in the day (quite a few actually) I was a DJ and music producer. I even had a recording contract!
My weapons of choice back then were Roland’s classic synths and drummer machines. You know the ones, 808’s, 909’s and TB 303’s et al. The ones you could only find for sale in the back of Loot and had to travel across the South East just to see if they actually worked!

But after a while real life kicked in and those machines were gradually sold off (yeah I know). However last year Roland revived these machines in a new form but with a very familiar sound. I’m talking about Aira, the digitally perfect re-imagininings of those classic machines of my past. As my wife will testify, my hobbies are never ‘cheap’ ones but these machines meant I could get back something that I’d lost. Creating deep acid baselines over crazy electro beats was my therapy and I’d missed that creative outlet.

So now I am at peace, owning all the Aira machines and having all the sounds that shaped my youth at my finger tips. Naturally the next stage was to make some images based around these beautiful machines. With the Aira gear being so hi-tech with LED’s of just about every shade you could imagine it was obvious to me these images needed to be abstract, bright and colourful. These images had to show the energy that these machines can deliver in terms of aural pleasure.

I hope the following images do those machines justice. Please feel free to share and enjoy.

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