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Copped Hall

Having lived in the Waltham Abbey area for nearly 10 years now it seemed almost criminal that we hadn’t visited Copped Hall. So This weekend we put that right, and we’re glad we did.

It’s by no means the biggest and best stately home out there. There’s no glitz, no glamour and to most it’s just a derelict building. But then those that think like that also think Britain’s Got Talent is great entertainment, horses for courses I guess.

Copped Hall is more than just… “here’s a big, pretty house, give us your money and don’t touch anything”. It’s a work in progress. One that has so far taken years of hard work and cost lots of money (money raised by the people doing the hard work themselves, for free)!

If I’m totally honest Copped Hall is better than seeing all the glitz and glamour. It’s totally unique and far more honest than the majority of ‘open houses’ that you can visit. It’s a place you’ll go to again and again too, just to see how they’re doing. In fact when time allows I’d be happy to get involved and get my hands dirty myself.

Obviously on this occasion I took my camera along and made some images, whilst being taken on various guided tours by the very knowledgable volunteers. Copped Hall is a fascinating place and a project I hope one day gets the rewards it deserves.  

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