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Anybody that knows me will be aware that I am a very keen photographer of street art and especially graffiti. In fact I was an active graffiti writer in my late teens and to this day I still write, albeit on sketchbooks and canvas now, I’m 43!

Once in a while I like to take myself off with my camera to capture any fresh paint that I’ve heard about. But on this occasion I didn’t travel alone. As it was Half Term my daughter Robyn insisted she come along. Hearing that her Daddy was a graffiti writer once upon a time, she was clearly keen to see what goes on. I’d guess from some of the images she had fun I have now promised to teach her. Wish me luck, she makes a mess with just watercolours.

You may notice that these images show a different watermark to my usual posts. There’s a simple explanation for this, which is in the New Year I am hoping to be launching a brand new website displaying just my personal work. This will include, street, street art, graffiti and even some landscape etc.

So stay tuned here and look out for Exit Thirteen coming soon!

Enjoy the images and feel free to share or comment.

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