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If you follow me on Twitter you may be aware that for the last few weeks I’ve taken some time out to do ‘stuff’ with my daughter Robyn, followed by a week away on the south coast with the whole of ‘Team B’.

Needless to say I had a camera hanging off me at all times and I made quite a few images I liked. So as I can, I thought I’d share.

The images below range from doing graffiti in our rear car park, to visiting Kew gardens, Imperial War Museum, Dover Castle, Folkestone Harbour, Hythe. I could go on but I’m sure you get the idea.

Hope you like.

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On a recent visit to London I took in the ‘Sensing Spaces’ exhibition at the Royal Academy. The exhibition was geared very much towards the creation of space and using it.  There were some great exhibits on show, all of which allowing a unique way to interact with it. The use of clever lighting, mirrors, straws (yes straws) and lots of wood all being used very effectively.

Obviously with all this ‘interaction’ the making of some interesting photos had to follow, I couldn’t help myself!

I hope you enjoy the images I have selected. Feel free to comment and share.

Sensing Spaces

Fuji recently announced the all black X100s and I felt this was my cue to buy myself one, for no other reason than I like black.

As a Fuji Pro user for well over a year now (XPro/XE1) it made total sense to have this little camera in my arsenal for general purpose and street photography. My switch to a mirrorless system from DSLR has been blogged on my business website here if you are interested.

So yesterday I got my first opportunity to give my new tool a proper testing in the real world, rather than just endless shots of the dog. So I headed off to London for a little bit of street photography and a trip up The Shard!

Now this is not a tech blog on how good the Fuji X100s is, others do those much better, and to be honest I’m not into the numbers and pixel peeking. Plus the X100s has been out a while now and the only difference is the colour.

To me it’s how the camera feels, how it acts and how much I enjoy using it. On the three counts that mattered to me the Fuji X100s is a real winner. The perfect balance for usability, speed an image quality, plus when not in use it fitted straight in my pocket!

If you get a chance and you’re looking out for a small street photography camera, I strongly suggest you give one a try for yourself. It’s definitely not for everybody, but those that ‘get it’ will absolutely love it.

Below are few images from the day out. I hope you enjoy my first blog on Exit Thirteen, you’re comments are always welcome.

Anybody that knows me will be aware that I am a very keen photographer of street art and especially graffiti. In fact I was an active graffiti writer in my late teens and to this day I still write, albeit on sketchbooks and canvas now, I’m 43!

Once in a while I like to take myself off with my camera to capture any fresh paint that I’ve heard about. But on this occasion I didn’t travel alone. As it was Half Term my daughter Robyn insisted she come along. Hearing that her Daddy was a graffiti writer once upon a time, she was clearly keen to see what goes on. I’d guess from some of the images she had fun I have now promised to teach her. Wish me luck, she makes a mess with just watercolours.

You may notice that these images show a different watermark to my usual posts. There’s a simple explanation for this, which is in the New Year I am hoping to be launching a brand new website displaying just my personal work. This will include, street, street art, graffiti and even some landscape etc.

So stay tuned here and look out for Exit Thirteen coming soon!

Enjoy the images and feel free to share or comment.

As a photographer it’s important to practice to keep sharp and also learn. Sometimes this will involve planning a shoot with models, make up artists and all sorts of lights and equipment. But sometimes it’s good to keep things simple and concentrate more on your observation skills, using the environment around you with available light.

Yesterday was the latter. I met up in London with a small group of photographer friends for some street photography in London. We started in the East End heading West later in the day to get a different feel. It was a long day, with lots of walking, but it was worth the effort.

Below are a few shots from the day. I hope you enjoy viewing them. Please feel free to comment below.

To see larger versions of these or more of my documentary work please visit my 500px page.