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On a recent visit to London I took in the ‘Sensing Spaces’ exhibition at the Royal Academy. The exhibition was geared very much towards the creation of space and using it.  There were some great exhibits on show, all of which allowing a unique way to interact with it. The use of clever lighting, mirrors, straws (yes straws) and lots of wood all being used very effectively.

Obviously with all this ‘interaction’ the making of some interesting photos had to follow, I couldn’t help myself!

I hope you enjoy the images I have selected. Feel free to comment and share.

Sensing Spaces

As a photographer it’s important to practice to keep sharp and also learn. Sometimes this will involve planning a shoot with models, make up artists and all sorts of lights and equipment. But sometimes it’s good to keep things simple and concentrate more on your observation skills, using the environment around you with available light.

Yesterday was the latter. I met up in London with a small group of photographer friends for some street photography in London. We started in the East End heading West later in the day to get a different feel. It was a long day, with lots of walking, but it was worth the effort.

Below are a few shots from the day. I hope you enjoy viewing them. Please feel free to comment below.

To see larger versions of these or more of my documentary work please visit my 500px page.